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Welcome to TideStations.com. We are proud to offer tide predicitons for the United States of America and Mexico. Stay tuned as we are adding more data every day. This data is very useful for anglers in the pursuit of fish. Please note that this information is not for navigational purposes.
Seward, Resurrection Bay, Alaska Seward 149° 25.7 W 60° 7.2 N
Shelter Cove, California Shelter Cove 124.0667° W 40.0333° N
Fort Bragg Landing, California Fort Bragg 123.8167° W 39.4500° N
Albion, California Albion 123.7666° W 39.2167° N
Bodega Harbor entrance, California Bodega Bay 123.0500° W 38.3000° N
Suisun Point, Carquinez Strait, California Suisun Point 122.1233° W 38.0350° N
Pittsburg, New York Slough, Suisun Bay, California Pittsburgh 121.8800° W 38.0350° N
Point San Pedro, San Pablo Bay, California Point San Pedro 122.4467° W 37.9933° N
Chevron Oil Company Pier, Richmond, San Francisco Bay, California Richmond 122.4000° W 37.9283° N
Berkeley, San Francisco Bay, California Berkeley 122.3000° W 37.8667° N
Sausalito, California Sausalito 122.4833° W 37.8500° N
San Francisco Bar, California San Francisco 122.6333° W 37.7667° N
Alameda Creek, San Francisco Bay, California Alameda 122.1450° W 37.5950° N
Half Moon Bay, California Half Moon Bay 122.4866° W 37.5017° N
Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, California Santa Cruz 122.0167° W 36.9583° N
Moss Landing, Ocean Pier, California Moss Landing 121.7900° W 36.8017° N
Monterey, Monterey Harbor, California Monterey 121.8883° W 36.6050° N
Morro Bay, California Morro Bay 120.8500° W 35.3670° N
Avila, California Avila 120.7400° W 35.1700° N
Point Arguello, California Jalama 120.6500° W 34.5833° N
Santa Barbara, Pacific Ocean, California Santa Barbara 119.6850° W 34.4083° N
Port Hueneme, California Port Hueneme 119.2000° W 34.1500° N
Santa Monica, Municipal Pier, California Santa Monica 118.4983° W 34.0067° N
Long Beach, Terminal Island, California Long Beach 118.2267° W 33.7517° N
Balboa Pier, Newport Beach, California Newport Beach 117.9000° W 33.5983° N
Santa Barbara Island, California Santa Barbara Island 119.0333° W 33.4833° N
Catalina Harbor, Santa Catalina Island, California Santa Catalina Island 118.5000° W 33.4333° N
San Clemente, California San Clemente 117.6167° W 33.4167° N
Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California Avalon 118.3167° W 33.3500° N
Wilson Cove, San Clemente Island, California San Clemente Island 118.5500° W 33.0000° N
La Jolla, Scripps Pier, California La Jolla 117.2567° W 32.8667° N
Quivira Basin, Mission Bay, California San Diego 117.2333° W 32.7667° N
San Diego, Quarantine Station, California San Diego 117.2333° W 32.7000° N
Point Loma, California Point Loma 117.2333° W 32.6667° N
National City, San Diego Bay, California National City 117.1167° W 32.6667° N
East Pass (Destin), Choctawhatchee Bay, Florida Destin 86.5133° W 30.3950° N
Jacksonville Beach, Florida Jacksonville Beach 81.3867° W 30.2833° N
Hernando Beach, Rocky Creek, Little Pine I. Bay, Florida Hernando Beach 82.6617° W 28.4867° N
Trident Pier, Port Canaveral, Florida Port Canaveral 80.5933° W 28.4150° N
Fort Pierce Inlet, Florida Fort Pierce Inlet 80.2967° W 27.4683° N
Sarasota, Sarasota Bay, Florida Sarasota 82.5450° W 27.3317° N
Hobe Sound bridge, Florida Jupiter 80.1233° W 27.0633° N
Cape Coral Bridge, Caloosahatchee River, Florida Caloosahatchee River 81.9333° W 26.5667° N
Boynton Beach, Florida Boynton Beach 80.0533° W 26.5483° N
Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro River, Florida Deerfield Beach 80.0817° W 26.3133° N
Chokoloskee, Florida Chokoloskee 81.3633° W 25.8133° N
Miami Harbor Entrance, Florida Miami 80.1317° W 25.7683° N
Key Largo, South Sound, Key Largo, Florida Key Largo 80.4167° W 25.1133° N
Islamorada, Upper Matecumbe Key, Florida Bay, Florida Islamorada 80.6317° W 24.9250° N
Key Colony Beach, Florida Key Colony Beach 81.0167° W 24.7183° N
Key West, Florida Key West 81.8083° W 24.5533° N
Hanalei Bay, Kauai Island, Hawaii Kauai Island 159.5000° W 22.2167° N
Haleiwa, Waialua Bay, Oahu Island, Hawaii Haleiwa 158.1167° W 21.6000° N
Waianae, Oahu Island, Hawaii Oahu Island 158.2000° W 21.4500° N
Honolulu, Honolulu Harbor, Oahu Island, Hawaii Honolulu 157.8667° W 21.3067° N
Lahaina, Maui Island, Hawaii Lahaina 156.6833° W 20.8833° N
Kailua Kona, Hawaii Island, Hawaii Kailua Kona 156.0000° W 19.6500° N
New York
Democrat Point, Fire Island Inlet, Long Island, New York Long Island 73.3000° W 40.6333° N
Warrenton, Skipanon River, Columbia River, Oregon Warrenton 123.9200° W 46.1650° N
Depoe Bay, Oregon Depoe Bay 124.0583° W 44.8100° N
South Beach, Yaquina Bay, Oregon South Beach 124.0433° W 44.6250° N
Port Orford, Pacific Ocean, Oregon Port Orford 124.4967° W 42.7400° N
Brookings, Chetco Cove, Oregon Brookings 124.2833° W 42.0500° N
Everett, Washington Everett 122.2233° W 47.9800° N
Seattle, Puget Sound, Washington Seattle 122.3400° W 47.6033° N
Westport, Point Chehalis, Grays Harbor, Washington Westport 124.1050° W 46.9050° N
Ilwaco, Baker Bay, Washington Ilwaco 124.0333° W 46.3000° N

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